The egx Charter

egx supports innovation in tech education, metrics interpretation, and personal identity and data ownership to address challenges stemming from advancements in technology.


The rapid pace and fluid nature of the tech space gives it the potential to foster impactful, creative teaching methods. We believe these methods can one day reshape how we teach and learn in all disciplines. We seek out and support organizations that develop and implement creative, groundbreaking programs that have a lasting impact on students.

Since learning doesn’t begin or end in the classroom, egx also fosters a strong tech community that includes those new to the tech space and experienced professionals. Whether bringing leaders of the tech industry to Phoenix or sponsoring participants in trade conferences, egx enables tech denizens to learn from each other and other disciplines.

Humanizing Metrics

Data has its uses and its place, but ultimately it tells a story about humans, whether as individuals or a collective whole. Unfortunately, the lessons those stories have to offer are often lost when organizations make decisions based solely on empirical data that is unable to account for the human variable. Ultimately, the result is a repository of data that has failed to solve the problem it was gathered to address.

By thoroughly researching how multiple industries collect, interpret and apply data, egx aims to develop a goal-oriented data acquisition methodology that goes beyond metrics to achieve humanitarian solutions.

Humanitarian Software

The full potential of global access to information has yet to be fulfilled. With an eye towards the future, egx is building on over a decade of work to develop Nebula, a software demonstration that shows how to integrate various distributed protocols for strong digital identity, data synchronization, and human curation of data. We believe the internet can be more safe, organized, reliable, and promote deep thinking.