Elevating Tech Education

A society’s educational system can shape its success or failure for generations to come. Our current educational system is largely based on an outdated system that was designed to maximize production during agricultural and industrial eras. As technology and society has advanced, yesterday’s framework has begun to crumble from the pressure of today’s needs. That’s why egx supports innovative education that better aligns with tomorrow’s world.


Envisioning a New Internet

Today’s society has outgrown the current internet as we currently know and use it. egx envisions an internet that is open, secure, reliable, organized, trustworthy and promotes deep thinking. To that end, egx is actively developing Nebula, a software demonstration that shows how to integrate various distributed protocols for strong digital identity, data synchronization, and human curation of data.


Humanizing Metrics

Today’s Internet of Things (IoT) ensures everyone lives in a world of total data saturation. From psychographic-based advertising to legislative policies built on demographic foundation, data and the metrics it creates impacts us all.

We want to bring humanity back to data-driven decision making. To that end, egx facilitates discussions with a wide range of industry leaders to develop ways to improve how data is acquired and, more importantly, mitigate the use of data to exploit people and societies.