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Education Reform

In our pursuit of innovative tech education egx has contributed programming expertise, creative content, and funding to Generation Tech Support, the company behind the groundbreaking KidsTech program. We believe these new, unique teaching and learning methods can one day expand from STEM to all disciplines and ultimately change the way society teaches and learns.

DWeb Camp Prayer Circle

DWeb Road Trip

Humane Technology

DWeb Camp is where many creators of today’s internet gather with people working on the next generation of distributed protocols and software, all with the shared vision of returning the web to its roots of open access and free information for all. In the interest of fostering a more open, secure, reliable and trustworthy internet, egx has sponsored transportation to DWeb Camp for six technologists.

Project Phoenix Map

Project Phoenix

Humane Technology

Project Phoenix will bring internet access to traditionally underserved communities using mesh networking technologies. We support the Arizona Blockchain Initiative, the nonprofit facilitating the creation of the mesh network, with technical guidance and financial support. This is technology solving a real-world problems.